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July 23, 2003 -- New rant! Click here to view.
July 18, 2003 -- Retroactive journal entries! Click here for an explanation.
March 8, 2003 -- New poem by Anatole! Click here to view.
March 4, 2003 -- Four new haikus! Click here to view.
January 28, 2003 -- A good photo of me, courtesy of Madhava! Click here to view.
January 5, 2003 -- Haiku reviews! Click here to view.
January 4, 2003 -- New List of the Moment! Scroll down to view.
December 14, 2002 -- Original photos! Click here to view.
December 2, 2002 -- Recently discovered limericks! Click here to view.

LIFE: Updated as Events Warrant
July 2003 -- Laid off by Toronto Public Library. Dammit! Don't make me go back to school again. No one wants that!
May 2003 -- Hired by Toronto Public Library as a Reference Librarian. Go me!
June 2002 -- Graduate from McGill with a Master's of Library and Information Studies. Feel appropriately educated, but still, vow never to go back to school.
September 1999 -- Can't decide what I want to do with my life. Feel unemployable. Learn to dislike this feeling.
August 1999 -- Marry Mike. Am very happy. Him too, I think.
June 1999 -- Graduate from Queen's with a BAH in Culture, Communications, and Information Technology. Feel overeducated, underuseful. Vow never to go back to school.

For those few who still need a primer on my background, click on the link to go to the appropriately short story of me. I moved it because... well, I felt like it.

List of the Moment:

Words or Phrases That Ty Thinks Are Inherently Funny

  • Lutheran
  • Monkey pants
  • Heteropatriarchy
  • Gormless
  • Fanwank
  • Banty rooster
  • Autoproctophrenology
  • Fenian

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